Hangs during shutdown (CIFS VFS)

To fix it, I just moved the unmounting before the network shutdown in the shutdown list. Here is how:

Change directory to /etc/rc6.d and list it's contents.

cd /etc/rc6.d
ls -la

You are looking for S#wpa-ifupdown and S#umountnfs.sh. wpa-ifupdown's # is normally 15, umountnfs.sh's # is normally 31. 

So you should see these two amongst your listing: 


If these numbers are the same in your case, you can now type:

sudo mv S31umountnfs.sh S14umountnfs.sh

This moves your samba share unmounting to an "earlier" position in the shutdown list which *should* get rid of the annoying hangs in the shutdown process, it cleared my hangs up.

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