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I started replacing damaged suspension parts and the front left side strut was aftermarket. The undamaged one on the right was labeled TEIN EnduraPro Plus VBS84-11746-R. Easy enough I’ll order part # VBS84-11746-L and be on my way…Nope. VBS84-11746 doesn’t exist on the TEIN web site and Google didn’t come up with a single reference to it.

This seemed odd so I emailed TEIN support saying a needed the left where VBS84-11746-R was on the right. After a few days they responded that I should contact an authorized TEIN dealer and order part # VBS84-11746-L. So I did and the dealer contacted TEIN and placed the order.

I week later I get a message that the strut is in and I drive 30min to pick it up. They hand me a box labeled part # VSS84-B1MS2-L. After letting them know it’s the wrong part number which they confirmed they called the TEIN. TEIN said open the box and the strut will be labeled VBS84-11746-L and sure enough it was.

No idea why the part itself is labeled differently from the web site and their packaging but there you go. If your strut is labeled VBS84-11746-(R|L) then you need to order part # VSS84-B1MS2-(R|L).

Hope this saves someone the time I spend chasing the right part.

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