2013 WRX Track Build

Totaled 2013 WRX

A friend and I purchased at auction his 2013 Subaru Impreza WRX that insurance totaled after he was t-boned at the front driver’s side wheel. He had already done significant modifications of a built engine, 6-speed STI transmission and a bunch of STI suspension and brake components.

The Plan (in Stages)

  1. Make mobile and water tight (to get it off the lift and out of the garage)
    • Replace wheel, strut, door, other stuff?
  2. Maryland Inspection (one time before we start the conversion)
    • Fender, other stuff?
  3. Track Ready for High Performance Drivers Ed
    • Shake out suspension issues from accident
    • Brake pads, rotors and high temp fluid
  4. Dedicated track car
    • Determine race series to build for
    • Remove interior
    • Roll cage
    • Race seat/harness

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