Pool Closing Instructions

Pool Filter System
This is for my old Sylvan pool yours likely differs.

  1. Balance and 2x Shock Pool (and Algaecide if it isn’t in the shock)
  2. Lower water below skimmer and inlets
  3. Pressurize with compressor at pump (25psi).  1/4″ compressor fitting into pump drain opening.
  4. Close valve on suction side
  5. Clear pressure side (after pump side)
    1. Cap shallow end inlet (doesn’t really match which)
    2. Once one deep end  inlet blows only air uncap the shallow end and cap the deepend
    3. Once shallow end  inlet only blows air detach compressor and cap it.
    4. Now the pressure side is capped shut
    5. To clear the inlet it helps to cover the inlet with the cap for a few seconds to let pressure build and remove to blow out water.  Repeat until only air comes out.
  6. Clear deep end suction side
    1. Set the suction side valve to close the deep end
    2. Attach compressor
    3. Once skimmer blows air in deep end cap it
    4. When main drain bubbles turn valve to shallow end
    5. Deep end main drain is air locked
  7. Clear shallow end suction side (before pump)
    1. Once skimmer blows air cap it
    2. When main drain bubbles turn valve to shallow end and detach compressor at the same time
    3. Deep end main drain is air locked
    4. Close suction side valve and open filter side valve
  8. Cover pool
  9. Drain pump
    1. Remove compressor fitting and remaining drain plug
    2. Store plugs in pump basket
  10. Drain and clean filter
    1. Remove DE filter panels and clean
    2. Clean DE left in bottom
    3. Store regulator in a place it won’t freeze
    4. Leave relief vale open
  11. Drain heater (leave connections loose)
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