Roomba Blink Error Codes

The little light to the left of the Clean light on the 500 series, which if it is there can look like either a little Roomba or an exclamation point is called the Check Robot light (according to the Customer Service rep on the phone who e-mailed me the info below). 

If your Roomba?s CLEAN light is blinking orange and the Check Robot light illuminates, the robot is experiencing a charging error. The Check Robot light will blink out the error number every 2 seconds. For example, if the robot has an error code 2, it will blink twice, pause for 2 seconds, blink twice, etc. 

Please watch your robot when the CLEAN light is blinking to determine what error code your robot is displaying. Please respond with this information so that we can assist you further. 

iRobot Roomba 500 Series Charging Error Codes 

Clean/Power light pulses orange and Check Robot ( ! ) light blinks a number of times every 2 seconds

1 Blink: No Display
No Voice
 Remove battery pull tab.
 Remove bottom cover, remove battery and make sure that there is nothing obstructing the contacts.
 Reinstall battery and securely tighten all 4 ?bottom cover screws?. (Tip: Tighten the 2 screws up front near the battery first.)
 If screws are missing, send replacements.
 If a bottom cover screw does not engage or cannot be tightened, the Roomba may need to be replaced.
 Replace battery if problem persists.

2 Blinks: Display – Err 2
 Voice: Charging Error 2?
 Replace Roomba, power supply & home base.

3 Blinks: Display – Err 3
 Voice: Charging Error 3
 Replace Roomba, power supply & home base.

5 Blinks: Display – Err 5
 Voice: Charging Error 5
 Remove battery pull tab.
 Move charging setup to a cooler environment.
 Replace power supply.

6 Blinks: Display – Err 6
 Voice: Charging Error 6
 Move charging setup to a cooler environment and make sure there is nothing sitting on top of the robot.
 Replace battery, Roomba, power supply & home base.

7 Blinks: Display – Err 7
 Voice: Charging Error 7
 Replace Battery .
 Replace Roomba if battery replacement does not solve the problem.

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  1. Robi says:

    Blinking red with red exclamation point after cleaning and charging. Thanks!

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