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DSM Links

Road Racing Upgrade Path:

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Spam-me-not E-mail Link Obfuscator

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Ultra Marathon Race Web Sites

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Roomba Blink Error Codes

The little light to the left of the Clean light on the 500 series, which if it is there can look like either a little Roomba or an exclamation point is called the Check Robot light (according to the Customer … Continue reading

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Setting default Runlevel

  This was written for Fedora, not sure how many other other distros it applies to. There are three ways to change your runlevel:  * While the Computer is Running:  1. Open a Terminal.  2. Become root.  3. Type:  init … Continue reading

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Encrypted USB Drives for Linux and Windows

  I played with 2 options: TrueCrypt and FreeOTFE TrueCrypt has a Windows and Linux GUI making it pretty easy to use cross platform.  It also do some pretty cool encryption of the boot drive to secure the whole computer, but I haven’t messed with that yet. FreeOTFE has cool because it has a WIndows GUI and can automount under linux if you encrypt a whole partition as opposed to a volume (file) stored on a partition.  I really wanted to go with FreeOTFE for the automounting, but ran into a deal breaker issue.  Windows can only mount a single partition from a USB drive, so I couldn’t have a small  partition to run FreeOTFE from (so it was portable to any Windows computer) and have a 2nd large encrypted  partition for the data. Configuring FreeOTFE and Linux see My notes just in case the above link ever goes away: sudo apt-get install cryptsetup sudo modprobe dm-crypt ## If you haven’t rebooted sudo cryptsetup –verbose –verify-passphrase luksFormat /dev/sdb5 sudo cryptsetup luksOpen /dev/sdb5 sdb5 # Based on fat32 or ntfs sudo mkfs.vfat /dev/mapper/sdb5 -n “tpearsall” sudo mkntfs -f /dev/mapper/sdb5 sudo cryptsetup luksClose sdb5

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ROM Burning Service

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Building SDLMame

You need to spoof the user-agent to get the source with wget    Code: wget –user-agent='Mozilla/4.0'

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SDLMAME Binaries

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Ubuntu LIRC Setup

  Good Instructions Command I keep forgetting:  sudo dpkg-reconfigure lirc

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