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I reluctantly gave up on Iiumsoft's eWallet for password management. After over the years buying/running it on Windows, Palm, PocketPC, Smartphone, iPhone and Android when in stopped working under Wine for Linux I decided it was time for a change. The beauty of eWallet was the syncing between my laptop and phone, but I really needed syncing between the different computers I use and my phone. If I add a password in one place and it isn't on the next computer then it isn't helping. After spending way too much time looking at options I decided in KeePass2 for password management and UbuntuOne for keeping everything in sync. I looked briefly at LastPass, but to get phone syncing you need premium version. For some reason I can't explain, I'd much rather donate $20 voluntarily toward something like KeePass2 then pay the fee for LastPass. Anyway KeePass2 works great on Win32 with Firefox, OK with FireFox on Linux with PassIFox add-in and OK on Android (it is read-only on Android, but so far that hasn't been an issue). All of the platforms run UbuntuOne and sync and KeePass folder that only contains the encrypted KeePass database. It's small enough that if I make a change and then shutdown the computer the change has already been propagated to the cloud. Installation (Linux):

sudo apt-get install mono-devel

  • Install KeePass2 from the Ubuntu Repo (this get the menu setup for you)
  • KeePass 2.17 is not in the Ubuntu repos at this time, so download the Portable version for the web site.
  • Copy zip contents to over the version installed from the repo (/usr/lib/keepass2)
  • Get Newtonsoft.Json.dll and KeePassHttp.dll from the KeePassHttp and copy them into the same path. These are required for the Linux Firefox Plugin PassIFox.
  • Make sure the dependencies are installed
  • Open FireFox and install the PassIFox plugin
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