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Great home or small business file/mail/web server and more. I use it as a file server and for MythTV recordings.

SME Kernel and/or VirtualBox Update

Initial install done using great How To on  After the initial installation if you want to upgrade VirtualBox or the SME kernel is upgraded you need to rebuild VirtualBox against the SME kernel. Get the VirtualBox rpm you need … Continue reading

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VirtualBox Guest Additions Stopped Working for Ubuntu Guest

After a kernel update the vboxsf mounts would no longer mount. Error message: Device not found Solution: sudo apt-get install dkms

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Removing open_basedir restriction from an iBay

Taken from: * PHP Warning: (…) open_basedir restriction if installing anything PHP related in ibay Related to open_basedir setting in php.ini file. SME does not allow PHP in /tmp or /usr/share. This is a security measure. PHP values are … Continue reading

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PERC 5/i Array Management

Dell Open Management System Administration doesn’t work on the PERC 5/i Dell SAS Storage Manager can’t add drives to an existing array LSI MegaRAID Storage Mananger is the key Download here Command Line Cheat Sheet Add Drive to existing Array … Continue reading

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EXT3 to EXT4 migration SME 8 Beta 6

# Make sure you’re current yum update # Apply the changes signal-event post-upgrade; signal-event reboot #Get new tools yum -y install e4fsprogs # Edit /etc/fstab and set desired partitions to ext4. I was scared of /boot and just did / … Continue reading

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