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Life Hack: Lost Credit Cards

This isn’t about financial management, just organization for when you lose your wallet. I carry a pretty minimal wallet; a little cash for tipping, 2 credit cards for personal and business expenses, driver’s licenses and medical insurance card. Recently I … Continue reading

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Pool Closing Instructions

This is for my old Sylvan pool yours likely differs. Balance and 2x Shock Pool (and Algaecide if it isn’t in the shock) Lower water below skimmer and inlets Pressurize with compressor at pump (25psi).  1/4″ compressor fitting into pump … Continue reading

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FPV250 Racer

This is my son and my first build.  The end goal is an FPV Racer, but we’re getting there incrementally.  The video components will come later (Santa?).

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Multirotor Reference Links

Great intro to Lithium Polymer (LiPo) batteries: Loads of great info on all aspects:  

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Hubsan X4 H107L Quadcopter

My son and I had been looking at quadcopters for a while and decided it was time to pull the trigger.  The idea was to confirm our interest before spending too much cash and time building a more sophisticated one. … Continue reading

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Using End/Home key for SUSE Linux with PuTTY

Using the default PuTTY session configuration the [Home] and [End] keys don’t work under SUSE.  Not sure why the keys work differently on SUSE linux with PuTTY then other distributions, but it does.  Anyway the solution is a simple setting. … Continue reading

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WD My Book Live Duo – Readonly Public Share

The Western Digital MyBook Live Duo is a nice cheap NAS for home use.  Can be set to RAID1 for redundancy.  The first nuisance I ran into was for making public shares read-only to the world and write-able to specific … Continue reading

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Kenwood KDC-BT752HD Bluetooth Through the Front Speakers Only?

A while back I installed a Kenwood KDC-BT752HD in one of my cars to replace the lame unit that came from the factory.  The main feature I wanted was BT audio (A2DP streaming), Pandora functionality and HD radio were bonuses.  I use the … Continue reading

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Android Bluetooth ODB Reader

Useful Links:

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Secure Remote Backups on the Cheap

Like many “technically minded” families we have started to accumulate a startling amount of data at home.  A couple hundred gigs of storage on the file server used to be more than adequate.  I did a pretty good job of making sure … Continue reading

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