These are mostly technical notes that I keep for reference because I’m tired of Googling for them every time I forget. If they help others solve similar challenges then all the better.

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  1. Dan Nixon says:

    Hi Todd
    Got here via searching for various solutions for installing and running wordpress on smeserver. Are you perchance running this wordpress install on smeserver? Would love to hear how. I'm trying to get it running in an ibay and for the most part successful IF /wp-content is 777, directories are 755, files 644, etc. Can upload images but not install plugins, themes, etc. It's a real permissions "fundle" plus, as you know, chmod or chown your ibay and all is lost use the server-manager for ibays. Probably lose permissions on reboot, too, but I haven't looked at that yet.
    Wilmington Public Library of Clinton County, Wilmington, Ohio

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