Mythbuntu 9.04 Clean Install


    • Normal install
      • No proprietary drivers

      • No LIRC
    • If not fonts on boot try this

    • Configure LIRC
      • sudo dpkg-reconfigure lirc
        • Select Home-brew (16×50 UART compatible serial port)
      • Set serial port
        • sudo apt-get install setserial
          sudo dpkg-reconfigure setserial
          • Choose manual
        • Modify /var/lib/setserial/autoserial.conf
          • Add (or modify if its there already) (switch to ttyS1 if you're using that instead)
          • /dev/ttyS0 uart none
        • Copy that script to /etc/serial.conf
        • $ sudo cp /var/lib/setserial/autoserial.conf /etc/serial.conf
    • copy mplayer and mythtv lirc scripts in ~/.lirc

    • copy lirc.conf for remote to /etc/lirc

If video is stuttering turn off OpenGL Sync in Mythtv Setup

Fro fglrx driver add:

  • Option      "VideoOverlay" "on"

  • Option      "OpenGLOverlay" "off"
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