All In One URC 6131n

Most of this is pulled from 

Install Modules 

yum install lirc-kmdl-$KVER 
yum install lirc

Check if eveything is there: 

$ rpm -qa | grep lirc


## TSP   For Serial Port 1 
alias char-major-61 lirc_serial 
options lirc_serial irq=4 io=0x3f8 
install lirc_serial /bin/setserial /dev/ttyS0 uart none ; /sbin/modprobe –ignore-install lirc_serial 
## TSP

Put lircd files in place: 

Set lircd.conf as needed 

Put .lircrc in the user home 

ln ~/.mythtv link lircrc to ../.lircrc[/code]

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