Pentaho Data Integration Installation Notes – Windows

These are my installation notes for installing Pentaho Data Integration (PDI) so I can repeat it if necessary.

  1. Download, unzip and copy pdi-ce-4.X.0 to it's target location
  2. For SQL Server native JDBC, download the latest version of sqljdbc from Microsoft
  3. The sqljdbc.exe file will simply uncompress into the provided output folder
  4. For Windows 64-bit and java 1.6 I copied the file sqljdbc4.jar to the <PDI install folder>\libext\JDBC
    • Alternatively you could add this file to the PDI class path.  For upgrade purposes this would be batter, but I could bother with it right now
  5. To run the Carte component as a windows service see: Java Apps as Windows Service

Open Issues:

  1. For a server install of the carte component, where does the repository.xml folder go?  On my client install it is in c:\users\<username>\.kettle
  2. Can't get integrated authentication working.
    • Tried copying the 64-but version of sqljdbc_auth.dll into the Windows\System32 directory and a few others with no luck so far
  3. Getting connection errors on java 1.7
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