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I was looking for an easy and cheap way to setup a java application (in this case Pentaho's Carte) to run as a Windows service.  After reviewing a few options I went with "Yet Another Java Service Wrapper"
(YAJSW) which is based on Tanuki's Java Service Wrapper (JSW).  JSW is the basis, but the YAJSW spin off offers a LGPL  version for 64-bit Windows which JSW did not.

Be sure to reference the YAKSW web site for the installation details, but they are pretty straight forward:


  • Unpack the zip file to a folder <yajsw>.
  • Start the application you would like to wrap. NOTE: we need the pid of the application not the batch file which started the application.
  • Goto yajsw/bat and execute genConfig.bat <pid>
  • Edit the wrapper.conf in YAJSW conf folder to give the service a meaningful name.  For example:
    • wrapper.ntservice.displayname=PDI Carte
    • wrapper.ntservice.description=Carte is a simple web server that allows you to execute transformations and jobs remotely
  • Execute your wrapped application as console application by calling: runConsole.bat
  • To Install the application as service call: installService.bat
  • To start the service: startService.bat
  • To stop the service: stopService.bat
  • To uninstall the service: uninstallService.bat

I was concerned about handling application upgrades without breaking the service so I placed the application in a non-version specific folder. eg. pdi as opposed to pdi-ce-4.3.0.  I also put the YAJSW directory in the same parent folder as the application and give it a name to show it is the service for pdi, so pdi-service.  Now to perform upgrade I do the following:

  • stop the service: pdi-service\bat\stopService.bat
  • To uninstall the service: pdi-service\bat\uninstallService.bat
  • Rename pdi to pdi-old
  • Create a new pdi fodler
  • Copy the enw application into the new pdi folder
  • Reinstall the service: pdi-service\bat\installService.bat
  • Restart the service: pdi-service\bat\startService.bat

Note 1: That when you reinstall the service it will be set to start automatically, so if that is not the desired setup you'll need to go into Control Panel -> Administrative Tools -> Service and find the yajsw service and change it's start up option.

Note 2: These upgrade steps may be overkill, but so far they seem to work.  I'll update the instructions if I find a better way.

Note 3: If you upgrade java (eg. 1.6 to1.7) then you'll likely need to reconfigure the service since it references the java path, in my case c:\Program Files\Java\jre6

I couldn't find the author's name, but YAJSW seems like a great app, THANK YOU!

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